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Commercial General Contractors In Irving, Texas

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Specialized commercial general contractor services in Irving, TX

Omega Industries, have developed a large database of vetted and trusted general contractors around Texas. This is why, we provide a high-end quality solution for specialized general contracting services in Texas.

More commercial businesses and general contractors are finding it harder to find a quality contractor, who hold the required understanding of delivering quality interior finishes for their project. From, door replacements when repairing an office to large commercial interior finish outs, our project management team have worked on all types of general contracting services.

commercial general contractors in Wylie

From Dallas to Irving, Texas, We provide these solutions for your commercial needs:

  • Interior Painting – We are your go-to commercial interior painting contractors in Dallas, Texas, offering a full range of services from general touch-ups to intricate faux finishes, all executed by our experienced team that’s committed to delivering quality results tailored to your specific needs; enhance the aesthetics and productivity of your commercial space with our professional interior painting solutions.
  • Exterior Painting – We are premier commercial exterior painting contractors in Dallas, offering a comprehensive suite of services from power washing to the application of fresh paint, ensuring that commercial buildings not only look aesthetically appealing but also reflect the highest standards of workmanship.

Commercial Drywall Contractors – We offer expert commercial drywall contractor services in Dallas, ensuring top-notch installation and repairs for all your commercial projects.

Wallpaper Installation and Removal – We provide expert wallpaper installation and removal services in Dallas, ensuring a seamless and high-quality finish for commercial spaces, backed by our team of skilled professionals experienced in handling a variety of wallpaper materials and designs.

Sandblasting Service – Omega Industries offers sandblasting/abrasive blasting services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, specializing in removing old and defective coatings with a trained OSHA-conscious workforce, equipped to handle projects of varying complexities.

Industrial Painting – We provide comprehensive industrial painting services in the Dallas area, ranging from general touch-ups to advanced industrial spray finishes, backed by a team equipped with the expertise to handle corrosion prevention and deliver quality interior finishes for diverse projects.

Lead Paint Abatement and Asbestos Removal – We offer expert lead paint and asbestos abatement services in the Dallas area, ensuring the safest methods of removal that comply with regulations set by OSHA, NESHAP, and EPA, backed by a team of certified professionals well-versed in legal requirements and waste handling processes.

Paint Coating Inspection – We offer NACE-qualified coating inspection services in Dallas, ensuring meticulous assessment of paint applications, from tender specification and methodology development to diagnostics of defective paint, all aimed at delivering the highest standards of quality and adherence to manufacturer guidelines for optimal project outcomes.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors – We specialize in delivering top-notch commercial and industrial epoxy flooring services in Dallas, TX, emphasizing durability and aesthetics, with a focus on providing long-lasting solutions that withstand heavy traffic, chemical spills, and other external forces, ensuring a cost-effective and maintenance-friendly floor for businesses. 

Concrete Polishing and Sealing – We are specialists in concrete grinding, polishing, and sealing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, utilizing the right equipment and products to ensure polished concrete floors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Carpet and Tile Removal Services – We are experts in efficient carpet and tile removal in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, ensuring that old flooring materials are safely and cleanly removed without damaging the base floor, and we adhere to OSHA, Environmental, and Disposal regulations, providing a seamless transition for the application of new flooring while being considerate of other contractors involved in the project.

Line Striping – We excel in line striping services in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, ensuring that parking lots are clearly marked with fire lanes, handicap spaces, signage installation, and ADA compliance. Our expertise in pavement markings aids commercial property owners in avoiding liabilities and fines, while also effectively controlling traffic flow.

Pressure Washing – We specialize in pressure washing services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, delivering unparalleled results for commercial and corporate sites. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned expertise, our pressure washing solutions rejuvenate concrete and exteriors, ensuring a pristine and lasting finish.

Concrete Repairs and Installation – we offer a comprehensive range of services, from commercial concrete repair and installation to restoration, external repairs, and paving. Our seasoned team is committed to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring every project meets the highest standards of excellence. Whether you’re seeking expert patching, precise cutting, or efficient light demolition, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for all your concrete requirements.

Serving Diverse Sectors with Our Commercial General Contractor Services in Irving, Texas

Health Care

Our experienced commercial painters understand the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. We offer a range of services designed specifically for this sector, including general painting, color consulting, floor coatings, building repairs, and lead paint removal.


We have an experienced division dedicated to educational institutions, delivering high-quality painting services for schools, universities, and colleges. Our knowledge and understanding of this sector allows us to minimize disruption and customize services to meet specific needs.


We are not just a leading name in the commercial sector; we’re also trusted partners for high-level government agencies. Our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality have made us a preferred choice for both Fortune 500 corporations and government entities.

Building and Construction

Our teams are renowned for providing protective and visually appealing finishes to new buildings, ensuring the delivery of well-executed painting schedules for medium to large structures.

good color scheme inside the office resonates to productive employees

Established commercial general contractors in Irving, TX

The impact of a quality interior finish-out has to a commercial business owner is huge! Businesses, considered investment into an office space or commercial property as increasing the value of a commercial asset.

Our professional project managers are trained with design plans, subcontractor management, OSHA regulations and how to effectively run a project within strict time frames.

Drive Your Business Forward with Irving General Contractors

The world of commercial construction and renovation demands a team with the right blend of experience and expertise. If your business is based in Irving, Texas, or the surrounding areas, we are the perfect fit for your needs. Our team of commercial general contractors in Irving is proficient in a multitude of services, from small-scale repairs to large-scale interior transformations. As one of the most reliable Irving, Texas general contractors, we are committed to delivering services that are characterized by quality, dependability, and efficiency.

Commercial General Contractors in Dallas
commercial general contractors service Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Our unique approach to client relationships sets us apart from other general contractors near Irving, Texas. We believe in nurturing enduring relationships with our clients, which are built on the foundations of transparency and open communication. We ensure that every project we handle is completed in a timely manner, within the set budget, and to the highest standards of craftsmanship. If you’re seeking general contractors in Irving, Texas, just give us a call. Whether you’re contemplating a minor renovation or a large-scale commercial build, we’re prepared to assist you in bringing your vision to fruition.

Why Omega?

Many commercial paint contractors as well as general contractors create an illusion of technical knowledge and reliability, but we’re here to create long-term relationships by delivering projects as per scope without shortcuts. Our focus is on rebranding a mature industry with a new concept of completing projects on time, within budget with the focus of repeat business.

services cover

Hire a Professional with Interior Skills

Omega interior finish out experts are well in tune with expectations and constraints in a commercial environment. Our staff arrive on time, calculate square footages, sample paint colors and roll out drywall and paint work to complete an excellent job.

Highly Recommended Painting Company

Our customer service and workforce are reviewed as a 5 star experience by clients, we are transparent with our references. From an accent wall to painting a room, our crew deliver high quality results expected of interior commercial painters.

Our GC Process

As an established painting company, Omega have developed a streamlined formula to ensure an interior painting job is completed to standard. Our interior services include patching drywall, wallcoverings, texture and application of high quality paints.

Get that Texan treatment

If you’re trusting us with your project, we ensure a service second to none, like we would if you were family. We provide a transparent process, with the right amount of progress communication without being annoying! You will know exactly who is on your property, what we are doing and how it’s being done.

Choosing a paint contractor shouldn’t be a gamble

Painting commercial assets is a big deal! Many businesses see it as a priority, portraying their image of how they want customers, employees and suppliers to view their firm. Our aim is to revitalize or change your infrastructure to meet goals for branding, budget, timeframe without causing disruption to daily operations of your business.

We chase repeat business not change orders

We are upfront on everything. The benefit of having an established 5/5 reviewed business, is that we are not desperate for work or burn and churn clients. So, we aren’t the type to draw you in with a low-ball quote and then set up traps for change orders, this is a common industry practice that we do not agree with and will not participate in. We will tell you exactly what you need and even don’t need, so you know you won’t get hidden extras.

Want to inquire about "general contractors near me" in DFW, Texas? We serve almost all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Click on the link to see the full list of our commercial service areas.

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Success stories

From small interior painting to large external repaints, our clients are nothing but positive about their experience with Omega Industries.

Need a game-plan?

Get a detailed scope write-up for free. Claim your painting scope written up by a Qualified NACE
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Our Texas commercial painting case studies

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Here are common questions customers ask us.
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No. We’re a leader in providing highly skilled/specialized services because of our focus on safety and workmanship. No cutting corners on safety or being shady about the number of coats applied. There are many contractors that focus on being the lowest bid, which in eventually turns out to be a liability, unskilled labor or unchecked backgrounds. We are not one of them. Our focus is delivering a premium finish that lasts longer than the memory of the paying the price. This why over 85% of our work comes from repeat clients.

Everything! From touching up a wall to multi-storey external repaints. We have a large crew who have worked across a range of industries from a retail store to industrial storage tanks. Chances are we’ve worked with on a similar project with close variables, which makes our services the risk-free option.

Very simply, we found an opportunity when GC’s, property owners and commercial businesses were looking for technical expertise to avoid costly errors when making technical decisions. Just like when you go to a dentist, you don’t tell them what you want, you expect their expertise and extensive training to serve you. We found many contractors disappearing into the sunset after getting their check or not honouring warranty claims due to poor workmanship. Our business model is based on providing heavily vetted, educated and skilled labor in combination with selecting quality materials. You get exactly what you want from a commercial painting contractor, i.e. clean worksite, skilled workmanship, background checked staff – without the dramas of unsafe practices, paint that cracks within a month & disappearing acts.

We need roughly 1 week notice depending on the scope and type of materials. Omega project managers are pros in scheduling, so we will make it work by pulling a few levers here and there internally to make it work! We didn’t grow from 1 employee to over 200+ in five countries, by telling clients we were booked out for months or too busy.

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