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Southwest Airlines

Dallas Love Field Airport

Commercial Power Washers onsite
Sqft of hangar walls cleaned
Worksite injuries and near misses
Days to complete project

The challenge

Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful airline in history, they have a close relationship to Love-Field Airport in Dallas, TX. In late 2018, they were ready to clean out an old airplane hangar for executives touring the facilities and making a great impression.

The project scope required a quick 3-day window to clean a large hangar and effectively with contractor labor force that have passed a stringent badging and background check process.

Southwest partnered with Omega Industries to take on the responsibility to organize man lifts, labor and strategically plan the rollout.

Our approach

The key issue/constraint for this project was the deadline could not be stretched. Therefore, in the planning stages our project team assessed major bottlenecks and developed best practice to maintain a high rate of production.

  • Every floor (3) of dorms were each grouped with 20 painters and 1 supervisor.
  • Omega’s made a decision to repaint walls wall instead of touching up.
  • All furniture was moved to the center of room and covered with drop sheets.
  • Any visible repair regardless if it was documented was repaired.

Creating solutions that work

By first getting to know the project, we can deliver and execute a project strategy that exceeds our client’s expectations. Omega Industries delivered a large workforce with a strategy to overcome major production bottlenecks to complete the SMU

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