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How SMU Painted 100+ Dorms in 3 Days

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The challenge

SMU is a nationally-recognized university located in Dallas, TX. Their facilities team were confronted with a last-minute request to refresh all the dorm rooms located at the Ware Commons building before residents returned from their summer break in five days.

The project scope required wall patching minor damages as directed in a lengthy punch list and touch up painting only.

SMU were under immense pressure to deliver a quality result within the deadline. They partnered with Omega Industries to take on the responsibility to organize materials, labor and strategically plan the rollout.

Our approach

The key issue/constraint for this project was the deadline could not be stretched. Therefore, in the planning stages our project team assessed major bottlenecks and developed best practices to maintain a high rate of production.

  • Every floor (3) of dorms were each grouped with 20 painters and 1 supervisor.
  • Omega made the decision to repaint walls wall instead of touching up.
  • All furniture was moved to the center of room and covered with drop sheets.
  • Any visible repair regardless if it was documented was repaired.

Creating solutions that work

By first getting to know the project, we can deliver and execute a project strategy that exceeds our client’s expectations. Omega Industries delivered a large workforce with a strategy to overcome major production bottlenecks to complete the SMU

Omega team dallas texas
commercial interior painting by Omega Industries painting experts

Interior painting project finished in 3 days.

By effective project management and planning to execute a highly productive painting crew, Omega were able to complete the project 2 days ahead of schedule. Proven strategies boosted the project timeline – resulting in adequate time for other preparations to take place prior to students entering their freshly painted dorms.

Breaking down our strategy

1. Eliminate Bottlenecks

The cost of admin involved in checking the defect list, enquire about missing items and reviewing the completion far outweighed the cost of additional paint and labor required to paint all walls. Our client, was thrilled for not only the rollout speed, but the additional value achieved for a fresh coat of paint in an room rather than small touch-ups.

2. Project Planning & Systems

Omega effectively divided the workforce across each level to complete works simultaneously, creating friendly competition between crews and allowing a production line mentality of painting dorms.

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