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Hilton Garden Inn

How Hilton Painted their Externals in 4 Weeks

Commercial painters onsite
Exterior storeys painted
Worksite injuries and near misses
Weeks to complete project

The challenge

Hilton Garden Inn is an established name for business travelers in Dallas, TX. They create a open, warm and well maintained feeling in all their establishments. The asset management firm were contractually obligated to repaint the external facade, prior to closing the sale to new owners within six weeks.

The project scope required exterior cleaning, caulking, high reach access, repainting as per color consultant’s schedule.

Shareholders were under major time constraints to meet closing deadlines as the exterior painting was a prerequisite for the sale. They partnered with Omega Industries to handle the project delivery.

Key problems

  • Working with multiple large man lifts while hotel operations remained open.
  • Hotel guests, staff and other people are not to be disturbed or effected by works.
  • Complete works within 6 weeks regardless of weather constraints.
  • Site is facing a busy highway (I-35) where spray application could be disastrous.

Our approach

Omega set a game plan strategy to tackle all the reasons why other contractors either refused to quote the project or submited a sky high bid.  Through extensive product training and effective project management skills, our field team were successful based on a few main points.

  • Application of Sherwin-Williams Dryfall paint eliminated overspray risks whilst maintaining high labor production rate.
  • Collaborated creating work area schedules with the hotel manager to minimize guest disruptions.
  • Used a combination of 2 x 135 ft man lifts and scaffolding for safety and efficiency.

Creating solutions that work

4 competitors recommended to scaffold the entire building which would

  1. Add unecessary labor and material costs. (over $150k)
  2. Create new liability & safety hazards
  3. Require hotel entrance shutdown for 1 week
  4. Add 3 weeks to the project timeline

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