commercial painting projects completed for leading companies in Texas.

Message from our President

Would you like a reliable commercial painting contractor in Texas and surrounding states? 100% transparency, background checked workforce, and no shortcuts in workmanship. Just serious on safety and quality finishes.

1000+ businesses in five countries have found success through partnering with our team of 300+ paint and drywall contractors.

The reason we can deliver the results through high-level paint project management?

Because we scrapped the “way things are done” years ago.

Years in the industry showed us too many organizations being taken advantage of by “one size fits all”paint solutions, lowest bid style workmanship and lack of integrity to honor a warranty claim. This means dollars down the drain, when contractors leverage the lack of technical knowledge of clients to create smoke and mirror services.

We know the key to repeat business with our clients is through consistency, integrity and an attention to detail.

Planning to grow protector revamp your property? It all starts with a conversation.

How we take your project from quote to completion, FAST:

  1. Lock in a time with one of our Commercial Painting Experts. They’ll guide you through a site walkthrough that reviews a scope and project parameters.
  2. If you like what you see, we present a quote that puts your project goals at the center.
  3. Ready to take the next steps? Our crews hit the ground running to achieve your goals with paint project management that works.

Best of all? We offer our custom specifications and a comprehensive quote by an in-house NACE Coatings Inspector is for free.

But it’s not for everyone. After working with 100s of businesses across every industry and size, we know what works and what doesn’t.

A quickdiscussionis available for businesses we know we can add the most value to. In other words, businesses that:

  1. See safety and quality workmanship as the most important factor of differentiation.
  2. Understand the value in highly trained/vetted staff and the skill involved in painting.
  3. See us a long-term partner in delivering quality painting solutions through effective project management.

If all the above sounds like you, let’s talk.

Click the button below or give us a ring: (972) 532-3340.


What We Do For Texas Businesses

We are large commercial painting contractor, drywall contractor, property maintenance contractor, and much more. We service the Dallas-Fort Worth and other parts of Texas.

Commercial Painting

Texas Commercial Painting

Get a commercial painting crew with a range of experience within different commercial industries. Our focus is on safety and quality workmanship without cutting corners.

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Protective breathing mask for Omega Industries contractors.

Industrial Services

A range of services based around asset protection using protective coatings and qualified QC methods. Work with contractors familiar in the industrial sector and proven project success stories.

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Flooring installation tile.

Flooring Coatings

High performance floor coatings applied by trained professionals creates the best results for protection and aesthetics. Omega provides custom solutions to suit your working environment and functional use.

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Property maintenance

Property Maintenance

Consolidated services for general property maintenance requirement to keep your assets looking new and meets compliance requirements. We minimize property liability through specialized services.

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Our Commercial Contracting Expertise.

Our main focus is on combining effective paint project management coupled with technical expertise in the science of paint application. While, other contractors promise results in the form of lowest bid by cutting corners, we’re only focussed on high end quality workmanship – the ones where your stakeholders will notice the difference.

Safe Work Plan

Ever hold your breath watching unsafecontractors on a site? Not only does this make everyone feel uncomfortable they are witnessing a future injury or fatality unfolding, but there are also further direct and indirect costs attached. Omega’s OSHA-30 trained Texas-based employees complete a pre-start safety audit, manage risks accordingly and develop documentation for staff to fully identify hazards and concerns.

Custom Commercial Paint Solutions in Texas

Every project is unique from location, commercial use, temperature, corrosion exposure, budget and constraints. We work with you to understand your goals for a project rather than push a “one size fits all” approach. Our experts formulate a specification of products and methodology to suit a project that meets specific goals

Attention to Detail

Your project or commercial property is a reflection of your brand. That is why we do the little things that separate us from the rest. From daily Texas site clean-up to safely storing paint and materials in one floor protected area, Omega prides itself on the ability to have an invisible crew of people that beautify and protect properties without disrupting your business operations.

A Team of Perfectionists For Your Business

Our Texas team is heavily vetted and screened to match company values on safety, quality, and cleanliness. Our reward is the look on a client’s face by organizing over 50 painters and drywall contractors overnight to assist in a construction project falling behind schedule or testing the depth of paint applied using testing tools to meet data sheet requirements.

commercial contractors in Texas
Omega Industries book on painting maintenance.


The Ultimate Guide to Keeping your Property Looking Brand New

This guide explores


How to most effectively use simple techniques to maintain a freshly painted property.


Learn the types of coatings failures, root causes and problem recitifcation.


Insights from Omega’s leading experts about leading commercial paint technologies.

Why Texas commercial painting clients prefer Omega contractors

1 ) Recognised by the best in the industry& the heavy weights

Some of the largest Fortune 500 corporations and high level government agencies have given our services a high-five

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2 ) We invest into our people before anything else

An average of $10K of training/development is invested within 12 months per employee to effectively deliver technical and project management skills

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3 ) A large workforce with a structured approach

We assemble large crews tailored for a project to be completed within a tight time frame, safely and following the scope without shortcuts.

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4 ) Maintenance support and documentation

Need to know what color code the doors are we painted 10 years ago? Or how to clean the epoxy floors we painted? Our clients get all the information and history of a project anytime, anywhere

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Recognised by the best in Texas

Market leaders in every industry have strict supplier guidelines and processes to screen contractors. Omega have developed long term relationships in providing commercial painting services through solid results including 0 workplace injuries, 0 liability claims whilst completing high security/high risk works

How we became commercial painting experts

You can’t teach “passion”. Our recruitment process is purely based on finding the right personalities to join our team.We train these people on OSHA regulations, Asbestos Awareness, Lead Paint Management, Working at Heights, NACE Corrosion Courses, Quality Control, Product Specification Courses and Leadership Training.

Get an Orchestra not the “One-Man Band”

  1. When we say 30 commercial painters are coming to knock out a project fast, we mean it! Commercial projects demand tight deadlines and are often financially effectedby lack of resources allocated. Omega have layers of project management, staff allocation and resource management to work in unison to deliver high quality painting projects in a “production line” manner.

Get Information and historical data of your commercial painting project

Omega as an established commercial painting contractor have developed a custom software to recall details of projects years after completion. Information or data required in the manner of quality control, product specs, safety information and pricing are always available at a fingertip distance.

Why commercial clients prefer Omega contractors


“SMU have been using their services since June 1st 2017. They came to a meeting and presented us with their services. Since then, we have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in the city. We have also hired them to paint our buildings, epoxy flooring, as well as lead paint removal.

They have been very reasonably priced, and always do exactly what we ask of them.

I am happy to recommend the services of Omega Industries.”

Yana Woys – Southern Methodist University

The Latest from Omega Frontline

Omega Industries provided Sprouts with an emergency response

Omega Industries provided Sprouts with an emergency response

Omega Industries provided Sprouts with an emergency response for concrete cutting and repair to avoid disruption for their high traffic movement of semi-trailers at their dispatch warehouse.  Works completed within two days.  Supplied 5000psi concrete to ensure...

Dallas Commercial Building Maintenance Tips
Dallas Commercial Building Maintenance Tips

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Omega Industries paint contractor holding a paint roller.

FAQs by Omega Industries

Why should I paint my commercial business?

A new commercial paint job can give your Texas business a fresh new look. Old scuffs and dents are covered up, weathered colors are now much more bright and stand out, and it is a chance to show an updated new brand if you need to. A fresh coat of paint, if done right will increase curb appeal for your business and customers will be more likely to stop into a freshly painted business than a shabby looking business.

Additionally, a fresh coat of beautiful looking paint can increase company morale too. A great looking appearance can increase productivity. It is no secret that an employee’s physical environment has an impact on their work.

When should I paint my business?

You should paint your business whenever you think it needs it. Common ways to see if it in poor condition is by seeing if your paint is chipping. Also, you can begin to see bubbles in your paint that will eventually chip if not taken care of. If you paint doesn’t look good you should get another paint job done as soon as possible. Over time paint color tends to fade and does need to be repainted if you want it to maintain its brightness.

How long does it take before we are ready to paint?

Painting begins after we get color selections, designs, and specifications are decided. Then we sign the painting contract and then get started.

Do we apply paint with a roller, brush, or spray?

Every job is different and we take your preferences into account. If you would like to know the difference in the way a finished job looks with different ways of applications just ask us, we will show you.

How to prepare for a paint job once I have signed the contract?

We guarantee that your pictures and furniture make it through the painting process unspoiled. We can move everything once we get there or you can do it if that is your preference.

Can we match your current color that you are using?

Yes, we can match any color perfectly. You will not even notice the difference.

Why should I hire a professional to paint my business?

Hiring a professional to do the job will ensure that your job will get done quickly, will be of high quality, and you don’t have to do the work yourself!

Who supervises the painting projects?

We have great crew leaders who are knowledgeable and fully trained.

What if my walls have dry wall damage?

No problem! Our team is highly qualified to fix drywall damage before painting.


Get in contact to reserve a confidential site assessment with one of our experts for your commercial Texas-based location.


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