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Searching for Expert Commercial Interior Painting Services in Dallas, Texas?

Seeking a skilled commercial interior painting service? Our seasoned painters, based in Texas, are primed and ready to tackle any project.

It’s a common challenge for commercial businesses and general contractors to find a reliable commercial interior painting expert who truly understands the intricacies of delivering impeccable interior finishes. Whether you’re envisioning a subtle color transformation for an office revamp or undertaking a large-scale project like repainting over 150 dorm rooms in a school, our team stands out as specialists in commercial interior painting.

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Get The Right Outcome For A Commercial Interior Painting Project

The transformative power of a new paint job on a commercial space is undeniable! Research shows the influence of colors on employee efficiency within office environments.

Our expert commercial interior painting team is adept at ensuring areas are well-protected with drop cloths, meticulously preparing surfaces, and applying high-quality paint to walls and ceilings with precision.

Omega Industries is not just one of the leading commercial painting contractors, but also a trusted partner across a multitude of sectors. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to deliver top-notch painting services that meet the unique needs of each industry.

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Building & Construction​

Our teams are renowned for providing protective and visually appealing finishes to new buildings, ensuring the delivery of well-executed painting schedules for medium to large structures.


Our teams are celebrated for delivering protective and aesthetically pleasing finishes to new retail spaces. We guarantee timely and precise painting schedules for retail establishments.


We have an experienced division dedicated to educational institutions, delivering high-quality painting services for schools, universities, and colleges. Our knowledge and understanding of this sector allows us to minimize disruption and customize services to meet specific needs.

Property Management

We develop tactical plans to maintain and refresh commercial buildings and facilities, delivering painting and line marking services that project a "brand new" and "fresh" feeling. Our clients include some of the world's most respected property management firms.


Our experienced commercial painters understand the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. We offer a range of commercial painting services designed specifically for this sector, including general painting, color consulting, floor coatings, building repairs, and lead paint removal.


Our seasoned commercial painters recognize the distinct needs of government facilities. We provide a suite of commercial painting services crafted especially for this sector, encompassing general painting, color consultation, floor coatings, structural repairs, and lead paint remediation.

Our Commercial Interior Painting Process

  1. Project Assessment and Planning

    • Site Visit: Our commercial interior painting experts conduct a thorough site inspection to determine the project’s scope and unique requirements.
    • Client Consultation: We collaborate closely with clients to grasp their color preferences, design inspirations, and any custom commercial interior painting requests.
  2. Preparation

    • Furniture and Fixture Protection: To ensure a flawless commercial interior painting job, we make sure all furniture, equipment, and fixtures are either relocated or adequately protected.
    • Wall Cleaning: Before the commercial interior painting begins, walls are meticulously cleaned to remove any contaminants, guaranteeing optimal paint adherence.
    • Repair and Priming: Our team addresses any wall imperfections, sands surfaces for a smooth finish, and applies the appropriate primer to set the stage for the final commercial interior painting.
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commercial interior painting by Omega Industries painting experts
  1. Safety Measures

    • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial, especially in occupied commercial spaces, to ensure the safety of both our team and the occupants during the interior painting process.
    • Safety Gear: Our commercial painting team is always equipped with essential safety equipment, including masks and protective eyewear.
  2. Commercial Interior Paint Selection

    • Quality: For commercial interior painting projects, we choose high-quality paints that are not only durable but also suited for commercial settings.
    • Type & Finish: Depending on the specific area and its function within the commercial space, we select the appropriate paint type and finish. This ensures both aesthetic appeal and longevity.
  3. The Painting

    • Cutting In: Precision is paramount in commercial painting. We start by painting edges and corners with brushes.
    • Roller Painting: For larger wall areas in commercial spaces, rollers are used to ensure a consistent and uniform paint application.
    • Multiple Coats: When necessary, we apply multiple coats of paint, allowing sufficient drying time between each, to achieve the desired finish for the commercial interior.
  1. Detail Work

    • Trim and Moldings: In commercial spaces, detailing is meticulously done on doors, windows, and moldings to enhance the overall look.
    • Special Techniques: Our commercial painting expertise includes specialized techniques tailored to the specific needs of the project.
  2. Inspection and Touch-ups

    • Client Walk-through: After the commercial interior painting is completed, we conduct a thorough walkthrough with the client to identify any areas that might require touch-ups.
    • Final Touch-ups: Any imperfections or areas highlighted during the walkthrough are promptly addressed to ensure a flawless finish.
  3. Cleanup

    • Remove Protective Coverings: Post-painting, all protective materials such as tapes and drop cloths are carefully removed to leave the commercial space neat and tidy.
    • Clean Paint Tools: All painting tools are cleaned thoroughly after the project’s completion.
    • Responsible Disposal: In line with our commitment to the environment, we ensure that any leftover paint and materials from the commercial painting project are disposed of responsibly.
high quality commercial painting contractors in Dallas, TX
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  1. Final Review for

    • Quality Check: A comprehensive review is conducted post-painting to ensure the quality and finish of the commercial paint job meets our high standards.
    • Feedback: We value our clients’ opinions. Feedback is actively sought to gauge their satisfaction and identify areas where we can enhance our commercial painting services.
  2. Aftercare and Maintenance

    • Provide Care Instructions: After completing the commercial interior painting, clients are provided with detailed guidance on how to maintain the pristine look of the paint job.
    • Warranty: Clients are informed about any warranties or guarantees associated with the commercial paint job to ensure their peace of mind.

Commercial Painting Services in Dallas

Dallas-based contractors that handle everything paint and complimentary services.

Interior Painting

Interior painters with the right equipment, tools and experience a range of internal scopes.

Exterior Painting

Full service exterior painting solutions by technically educated and trained professionals.

Drywall Installation

Interior finishing services for acoustics, drywall and plaster with a range of texture options.

Wallcovering Installation

Experienced wallcovering services with a track record of a range of decorative scopes.

Industrial Painting

Our industrial team work within many industries including refineries, food manufacturing, chemical factories and other warehouses.

Paint Coatings Inspection

If you need an expert to review a scope, material specifications or give you a technical assessment of a paint application, we got you covered.

Parking Lot Striping

We are experts in keeping your parking lots visible with fire lanes, handicap spaces, signage installation and ADA compliance.

Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Our full service industrial flooring contractors are experienced from floor grinding to epoxy flooring system applications.

Appointment only

You can contact or visit us in our office from
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST)

4060 Shilling Way,
Dallas TX 75237

+1 (972) 532 3340


Why Omega?

Many commercial paint contractors create an illusion of technical knowledge and reliability, but we’re here to create long-term relationships by delivering projects as per scope without shortcuts. Our focus is on rebranding a mature industry with a new concept of completing projects on time, within budget with the focus of repeat business.

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Get that Texan treatment

If you’re trusting us with your project, we ensure a service second to none, like we would if you were family. We provide a transparent process, with the right amount of progress communication without being annoying! You will know exactly who is on your property, what we are doing and how it’s being done.

Choosing a paint contractor shouldn’t be a gamble

Painting commercial assets is a big deal! Many businesses see it as a priority, portraying their image of how they want customers, employees and suppliers to view their firm. Our aim is to revitalize or change your infrastructure to meet goals for branding, budget, timeframe without causing disruption to daily operations of your business.

We chase repeat business not change orders

We are upfront on everything. The benefit of having an established 5/5 reviewed business, is that we are not desperate for work or burn and churn clients. So, we aren’t the type to draw you in with a low-ball quote and then set up traps for change orders, this is a common industry practice that we do not agree with and will not participate in. We will tell you exactly what you need and even don’t need, so you know you won’t get hidden extras.

Hire a Professional with Interior Skills For Your Business

Omega interior painters are well trained working with an office or commercial environment.Our staff arrive on time, calculate square footages, sample paint colors and roll out drywall and paint work to complete an excellent job.

Highly Recommended Painting Company in Dallas

Our customer service and workforce are reviewed as a 5 star experience by clients, we are transparent with our references. From an accent wall to painting a room, our crew deliver high quality results expected of interior commercial painters.

Our Interior Painting Process

As an established painting company in Dallas, TX, Omega has developed a streamlined formula to ensure an interior painting job is completed to standard. Our interior services include patching drywall, wall coverings, texture and application of high quality paints.

Success stories

From small interior painting to large external repaints, our clients are nothing but positive about their experience with Omega Industries.

Need a game-plan?

Get a detailed scope write-up for free. Claim your painting scope written up by a Qualified NACE
Coatings Inspector (Valued at $1,500.00).

Our Texas commercial painting case studies

by Omega Industries

Here are common questions customers ask us.
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No. We’re a leader in providing highly skilled/specialized services because of our focus on safety and workmanship. No cutting corners on safety or being shady about the number of coats applied. There are many contractors that focus on being the lowest bid, which in eventually turns out to be a liability, unskilled labor or unchecked backgrounds. We are not one of them. Our focus is delivering a premium finish that lasts longer than the memory of the paying the price. This why over 85% of our work comes from repeat clients.

Everything! From touching up a wall to multi-storey external repaints. We have a large crew who have worked across a range of industries from a retail store to industrial storage tanks. Chances are we’ve worked with on a similar project with close variables, which makes our services the risk-free option.

Very simply, we found an opportunity when GC’s, property owners and commercial businesses were looking for technical expertise to avoid costly errors when making technical decisions. Just like when you go to a dentist, you don’t tell them what you want, you expect their expertise and extensive training to serve you. We found many contractors disappearing into the sunset after getting their check or not honouring warranty claims due to poor workmanship. Our business model is based on providing heavily vetted, educated and skilled labor in combination with selecting quality materials. You get exactly what you want from a commercial painting contractor, i.e. clean worksite, skilled workmanship, background checked staff – without the dramas of unsafe practices, paint that cracks within a month & disappearing acts.

We need roughly 1 week notice