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Our Drywall Installation Process Explained for the Dallas Area

drywall contractors working on installation at Dallas, TX

Drywall is an excellent solution for nearly any type of surface. It’s cost-effective and has a multitude of benefits. When properly installed, it will last long into the future. Here is our process for installing drywall here in Dallas.

Installing drywall gives you a perfect opportunity for cost-saving benefits. It provides an additional barrier to the exterior elements. You can add insulation during installation for even more protection.

Drywall is a wise material choice for your space. It is naturally fire-resistant and there are many options produced specifically to be resistant to mold. Choosing drywall provides you with a durable surface that’s also easily repairable.

The quality of a drywalled surface depends on many factors. Choosing the right materials for your unique space is essential. Quality installation can make or break the final outcome. Our experts can guide you through choosing the correct materials and ensure an excellent installation.

We strive to exceed your expectations and we are proud to provide each customer with that friendly, “Texan Treatment”. We also aim for you to be prepared and go into your drywall project knowing exactly what to expect. This is our entire drywall process, explained for you, from start to finish.

Get to Know Our Business

We encourage you to begin the process by getting to know our company. While we are confident that we can provide you with the highest quality of service and results, we want you to share in that feeling from the start. Our work speaks for itself and we would love for you to see and hear about our previous jobs.

Our website is a great place to start to gain knowledge about our family-owned business. We are extremely transparent about why our global team is among the best in the industry. Our confidence and trust in our employees in parallel to none.

Check out the customer testimonials on our page. We are so pleased with the positive feedback we have received for our dedicated work. Many of these people and companies are repeat customers many times over. Their stories will give you an idea of the top tier service and quality finished product you will receive.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or more information. Our frequently asked questions are a wealth of knowledge. However, we are always eager and pleased to quickly respond to any questions you have that are not covered on our website.

Receive an Estimate On The Drywall Work Needed

The next step in your project process would be scheduling your estimate. This will give you an accurate amount of the cost range of your project. It will also be a great opportunity for you to learn what to expect from your specific project plan.

One of our experts will come to your site at a convenient time for you and assess your project. He or she will thoroughly explain our drywall process and your options. Your assessor will also patiently answer any questions you may have.

Your area will be carefully measured and evaluated. Our experts are specifically trained to measure around obstacles like wiring and pipes to give you the most accurate result. The estimator will then explain the various options for your space. Together, you will go over the choices for material and finishing levels.

Our knowledgeable employee will be able to offer advice based on unique features. They know what products work best in certain climates and environments. The size of your space may make some options better than others. Their years of experience give them a great base to provide you with this helpful advice.

We fully understand that you will likely obtain several estimates. We also know that we may not be the lowest price. Our high-quality standards and materials are fairly reflected in the cost of our services. Your expert can work with you to balance the right materials and depth of services to match your desired price range.

Our Customer Service Promise

customer service promise

After your estimate, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is for you to feel completely comfortable signing a project contract with our company. We also commit to providing you with unprecedented customer service.

Our business is built on delivering not only an excellent product but extraordinary customer service. We want you to be as satisfied with our interactions as you are with your final drywall product. From the first steps of your process to the last, we strive to make it as stress-free and pleasant for you as possible.

Communication is the foundation of our customer service practice. We commit to proactively communicate any changes or delays to you. We are happy to provide regular updates on the status of your project by your preferred communication method. Also, we encourage you to quickly communicate any issues or feedback you have at any point along the way.

Our employees are a direct reflection of our business. They are expected to arrive at your home in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on having a team that is friendly and professional. Your drywall installers will do everything they can to make their work less of an inconvenience in your space.

Problems occasionally arise as with any project. Please give us the chance to quickly solve and rectify any issues that occur. If you are ever less than satisfied with your drywall process, please let us know so we can quickly work together to find a solution.

Preparing Your Home For Drywall

One of our professional team’s goals is minimizing the impact of your drywall project on your home or business. Your team will let you know what you can do to prepare for their arrival and project start. Also, they will take great care in preparing the space to keep dust and debris to a minimum.

Work with your installers to coordinate their schedule. We can often accommodate working around the times that are inconvenient for our team to be in your space. Each project will have a different time frame so managing communication and expectations will ensure everyone is on the same page.

If there are items in the project area, it’s often best to remove them if possible. We understand that some large or stationery items will remain in the space. Consider covering these items with protective covers.

Our team will arrive at your home with all of the tools and materials required for your job. They are trained to carefully protect your flooring services. Any extra steps to minimize the spread of dust will be taken before installation begins.

Installing Drywall Framing

The framing is the base of your wall and is essential in the final product. Our employees have the expertise to build a solid foundation for a long-lasting wall. They also have the skill to adhere to a wide range of materials.

Our team has a high level of practice and proficiency in metal stud framing. This is an awesome cost-efficient alternative to wood framing. This sturdy metal frame is a perfect base for installing drywall.

Drywall is a great solution to cover a wide variety of wall materials. Your professionals will arrive with the specific materials to best install the drywall for your specific project. They will carefully select the correct screws and adhesion materials to ensure the most secure installation.

Installing Insulation For Your Walls

choosing installation before you put the drywall on

A drywall project is a perfect opportunity to add insulation. Insulation is a useful tool for preserving energy. It’s also an effective way to reduce noise from outside or neighboring areas.

Adding insulation to walls is extremely beneficial for temperature maintenance. It can make a huge difference in energy costs by preserving the air you have heated or cooled within your space. Insulation will also cut down on drafts and dampness. Discuss your needs and work with your team to create the correct thermal insulation solution for your specific space and budget.

Insulation also has the benefit of acting as an additional sound barrier. This is especially helpful when adding drywall to ceilings. Your installer can assist you in finding the best, affordable way to absorb sound in your space.

Hanging The Drywall

After your framing and insulation are in place, framing is ready to begin. This is where customers see the most progress during their projects. It’s also an essential step we work very hard to get absolutely correct.

Your team will work carefully and efficiently to hang your selected drywall in your space. They have many strategies to create a perfectly set wall. Much care will be used to ensure that they are installing a strong base that will lead to a flawless finish.

Finishing The Drywall

Finishing is the point in the process that often takes the most skill. Poorly finished drywall can appear uneven with visible seams. Our professionals have the attention to detail to ensure a smooth and flawless surface.

The seams in between drywall boards will be expertly taped together. This process eliminates any evidence of the transition between panels. Your team is trained and experienced in applying the tape in a way to make sure the wall is seamless and perfectly level.

Any flaws or divots in the wall will be carefully filled and sanded. Our team will thoroughly double-check your surface to ensure that it is completely free of scratches and blemishes. Seams will be also be covered to ensure their invisibility.

Depending on your finish, your drywall will be textured to the appropriate level. Work with your team and communicate your plans for the walls so they can prepare them perfectly. This ensures that your desired finish will adhere well to the surface.

Painting the Finished Drywall

colour chart

Looking for a flawless paint job for your new surface? Our interior painting services can create a beautiful finish. Our painters provide high-quality results that will leave a great impact on your space.

Your interior painting team can help you decide on the color and finish. They will come armed with samples and assist you in choosing the best color for your space. Also, your expert will have the knowledge to help you select the right finish to withstand the demands of your space.

Your painting team will work quickly and efficiently. They will carefully prepare your space with supplies like drop cloths to ensure cleanliness. Working carefully to protect the area, they will make sure the walls are clean and prepared for painting.

Using high-quality paint, they will ensure your walls receive a beautiful and durable paint job. They are trained in meticulously creating clean edge lines and a smooth, consistent finish. You are guaranteed a stunning outcome that will last.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction with your entire process. As a company, we are so appreciative of your feedback. We strive to continually improve our services for our clients.

Your team will provide you multiple opportunities for feedback during and after the completion of your project. We very much value your honesty and opinions. We also love the chance to share your stories with future clients.

If there are any issues at all with your project, we will jump at the chance to correct them. We aim for a perfect finished product as much as you do. We guarantee we won’t stop until you receive the top-notch result you desire.

We Are There For Any Future Drywall Repair Needed

We know things happen and walls get damaged. Our team is ready to help you maintain your quality drywall surface. Our expert drywall repairmen and women can get your wall back to looking new.

No job is too big or small for our team. We can tackle anything from significant damage and large cracks to minor dents and scratches. We do, however, ensure the same quality of service and outcome no matter the scale of your repair.



We are grateful and honored to serve the Dallas area. Our family-operated company strives to maintain our high standards and to grow into the future. We appreciate our customers and are so thankful for the opportunity to provide them with top-quality and beautiful results.

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