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5 Unique Considerations To Keep In Mind While Getting Drywall Installed In Dallas

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When you are ready to take that leap and create that media room that’s perfect for watching Cowboys games you will want to find the best tips and advice for getting your drywall installed. Finding a great contractor can be a part of those great tips.

When you work with drywall experts who are aware of the unique considerations in Dallas you can avoid the pitfalls of lumpy, bumpy drywall or worse, needing to redo it immediately. You definitely want to find a company that holds itself to a high standard and ones that you feel comfortable with.

It can be a challenge to know what to look for when you’re going to have drywall installed but there are some things you may not have considered before starting your project. If you are thinking about installing drywall soon here are 5 things to think about before the installation begins.

1. Know Who You Are Hiring

When you are seeking out the best drywall contractor in Dallas, you are going to want someone who has worked in Dallas for a long time and understands the unique geography that Dallas offers. You definitely will want to get recommendations from your friends and trusted neighbors. Check their recommendations against Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau websites.

If your best friend has a terrible experience with their new drywall, definitely get that companies name and then be sure you don’t use them. Knowing who not to contact can sometimes be just as important as who you should be hiring.

Set up some interviews and estimates with companies that seem to be of high quality and have a reputation for excellence. Since drywall is typically put in place in the middle of a project, you may have a strict timeline to work with and making sure that your prospective contractor or company can work within the schedule is vital.

Most companies offer a free in-home estimate which can be handy for you to get an idea of how working with a company will be. If they can’t even come out for an estimate for a month they may be too busy to complete your project in a timely manner. Or if they reschedule an appointment several times it could indicate they don’t prioritize customer’s time.

You are going to invite these workers into your home so you want to be comfortable with whomever you choose so you don’t have any doubts about your safety and the quality of their work. Trust your gut, if something seems off, look somewhere else. Feel free to check their references and that their licensure and insurance are up to date.

2. What Kind of Materials Should You Use

tools used while drywall installation

If you’ve been around for a summer in Dallas you know firsthand how humid it can get in July. While Dallas isn’t an area typically prone to hurricanes, the excess moisture in the air can be hard on drywall just the same. If drywall is hung when it is too humid the joint compound may not dry properly leaving you with unsightly gaps at the joints.

Even if drywall has been installed perfectly, humidity can have a devastating effect on the lifespan of standard drywall. When moisture is given a chance to build up it can create pockets of moisture that can lead to mold or mildew growth. Drywall can even start to decompose, become warped or flake away if not properly cared for.

Since you wouldn’t want the hassle of getting new drywall every couple of years or even having to patch drywall occasionally, it may be in your best interest to consider using moisture resisting drywall for your project. Moisture resistant drywall is sometimes referred to as greenboard or cement board.

This drywall option lacks the paper backing that can absorb moisture as well as being coated with a special solution to create a moisture barrier, giving the drywall a longer lifespan in areas where it is exposed to high humidity. It is always recommended to use this moisture-resistant drywall in bathrooms but it may be a good idea to consider for your whole home.

If you are having your contractor install drywall on the ceiling make sure they are certified and using the correct materials to avoid a situation like spontaneous ceiling collapse which happens if a ceiling has been installed with nails instead of screws combined with high humidity and shifting of foundation common in the Dallas area.

3. Know Your Contract

You should definitely ask your contractor a lot of questions about your project so you know that you are both on the same page. Having knowledge of the situation will give you more control. When you take the time to research your project and ask informed questions it shows that you respect your contractor and you’re taking this project seriously.

Set reasonable expectations with their scheduling process. Once the drywall is ready to go in, waiting around can delay a project by a few days so be sure your chosen company can work within the tie constraints.

Your contractor probably has a system in place to ensure all the materials needed are at your home for the installation but make sure and check if you are responsible for having anything on hand beforehand. You may not have specific brand loyalty to drywalling materials but they might, and you should know that if you need to buy anything.

Find out who is responsible for getting the proper permits as well, your contractor should be able to help you with the paperwork needed and getting any city inspections scheduled as well, but if you don’t know to do that if could cause unnecessary delays in your project.

When you ask all of your questions you will be more comfortable working with your contractor and well as you can ensure that you are working with someone who is reputable. Understanding your contract will help you prevent there being any surprises during the project.

4. Potential Language Barrier

Make sure you understand how to contact your contractor during the actual work. They may have an office taking calls and scheduling estimates full time but the office assistant might not be the best number to contact once your project is underway. Checking in with them before things get rolling will help you feel confident in your chosen company.

When it comes time for your drywall to be installed you may be surprised with the crew that arrives at your house. There is potential for a language barrier, especially if you don’t speak a foreign language. Just because a team may not speak English well doesn’t mean they won’t do a great job installing your drywall.

You can use apps like DuoLingo to ask any questions you may have of the team and you can always check in with the person you initially made contact with if you have any concerns. If you are satisfied with your contract, however, trust that the project will go well even if there is a communication difficulty.

Kindness towards your team of installers goes a long way no matter what language they speak. Smiling and greeting them warmly as they begin a project is always nice. Consider whether providing a cooler of waters or sports drinks would be worth your time and energy, this is your home they are working on after all.

5. What To Do After the Install

For the most part, it is safe to paint drywall after it has had a chance to dry and cure for 24 hours. However, high humidity can extend the dry time and if you paint too soon it can ruin your drywall and cause unsightly peeling of the paint. Be sure to follow the instructions your contractor gives you as to when you should paint.

If there’s any chance that the joint compound isn’t dry err on the side of waiting. One more day without a beautifully painted room is a short wait compared to starting over completely. (And it will also save you a great deal of money.) Let patience be a virtue, it’s exciting to see progress but don’t risk your drywall’s finished look because you were impatient.


drywall installed

Getting your drywall installed in Dallas does come with some extra considerations that folks in other climates don’t have to take into account. When you put in a little extra effort to make sure you are getting the best drywall job possible, you will be satisfied with your new drywall for years to come.


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