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Drywall vs Plywood, Why is Drywall Used In Most Cases?

Drywall vs Plywood

What Materials Can You Use For Your Walls? There are a number of different materials you can use for your walls in your home. Plaster is one of them. Paneling is another, however, in most cases the walls in houses are either done in drywall or plywood, with drywall being the most commonly used material. […]

Drywall vs Plasterboard: Are Drywall and Plasterboard the Same Thing?

is plasterboard the same thing as drywall?

You may be puzzled about the difference between drywall vs plasterboard. The short answer is basically just the name. They are the same product just described in various terms, often depending on geographical location. The origination of plasterboard or drywall is deeply rooted in the history of plaster. The internal layers of the boards are […]

The Complete Drywall Repair Steps That We Use Here in Dallas

Professional drywall installation omega Dallas, TX

Drywall is made as sturdy as possible. Still, it does get damaged and breaks over time, if it is treated roughly. There are several steps that can be taken to keep drywall in the best possible shape, but once it is damaged there is nothing to do but fix it. There is a tried and […]

Our Drywall Installation Process Explained for the Dallas Area

drywall contractors working on installation at Dallas, TX

Drywall is an excellent solution for nearly any type of surface. It’s cost-effective and has a multitude of benefits. When properly installed, it will last long into the future. Here is our process for installing drywall here in Dallas. Installing drywall gives you a perfect opportunity for cost-saving benefits. It provides an additional barrier to […]

Drywall Pricing in the Dallas Area With Pricing Quotes from Local Companies

commercial drywall contractors in Fort Worth, TX by Omega Industries

A drywall installation project is a lot to take on, but knowing what to expect and how to plan out your budget can go a long way in making things less stressful. Doing research online about drywall installation contractors in the Dallas area is a good place to start when you aren’t sure what you […]

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