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Dallas Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist

dallas commercial building maintenance tips

Maintaining a commercial building can be more work than you think. There are lots of demands that need to be met when you own a commercial building from repainting, to landscape care, to interior repairs for damaged items or changes that need to be made for improving workflow. If you are the owner of the […]

Office Renovation Ideas to Boost Morale

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Imagine arriving at work every day excited to walk into an office building filled with colleagues collaborating energetically. Picture looking around your office space and seeing an updated space that is both welcoming and efficient. Any interior designer or psychologist will tell you that the environment in which a person works can greatly influence their […]

Workplace Design Ideas You and Your Employees Will Love

Workplace Design Ideas

Your workplace is not only a place to get the job done. It speaks for your company and the values you hold. It’s a chance to show visitors that you take pride in your business and the work that goes on within your walls. It’s also an opportunity to boost morale. Taking the time to […]

Enhancing The Curb Appeal of Your Business

Enhancing The Curb Appeal of Your Business

The face of your business is its first impression. Sure, you may rely on your employees to wow your visitors. But overlooking your building’s physical attributes can turn off potential customers. A well-maintained business can show that you take pride in your workplace. It can also give your employees a boost as they arrive at […]

Epoxy or Polyurethane Coating…Which One Do I Need?

warehouse floor painting and polishing

Epoxy and Polyurethane (aka urethane) coatings are the two main floor protection options in the industrial world. Most people know they need or the other but fail to understand why exactly, what the difference is or its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are some facts about both epoxy and polyurethane coatings to consider before making […]

Why was Lead Used in Paint? It’s Negative effects on Health


Why Lead Paint was created in the first place? Ancient Romans were the first people to use lead in their everyday lives. Lead was used as a food and wine additive, in dinnerware and paints. Pipes that transported water during the Roman Empire were made up of lead. The use of lead found its way […]

How to Discourage Graffiti Vandals

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How to Discourage Graffiti Vandals In response to graffiti, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. To graffiti practitioners, graffiti represent their expression of individuality in a world that is rather impersonal while to many train passengers graffiti is viewed as an anti-social dub or simply ugly. Historically, our early ancestors painted in […]

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