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Epoxy or Polyurethane Coating…Which One Do I Need?

warehouse floor painting and polishing

Epoxy and Polyurethane (aka urethane) coatings are the two main floor protection options in the industrial world.

Most people know they need or the other but fail to understand why exactly, what the difference is or its advantages and disadvantages.

Listed below are some facts about both epoxy and polyurethane coatings to consider before making a decision on which one to use.

  • Polyurethane has great abrasion and resistance. However, is not ideal for direct application over concrete. Ideally should be applied over an Epoxy primer.
  • The working pot life is usually longer than epoxy and should be not applied more than 3 mils thick.
  • Polyurethanes does NOT provide the best solution in filling cracks and concrete defects. Whereas, Epoxy is dynamic with changes in depth and has a much better chemical makeup to level uneven surfaces.
  • Epoxy coatings are available in various thickness which makes it a customizable product for specific areas and projects.
  • Both Epoxy and Polyurethane are available in a matte of high gloss finish.
  • Epoxy Coatings do not have UV stabilizers and therefore will start to yellow over time when exposed to sunlight.


So which should you use?

The right answer is both! You will get the best performance for your coatings by applying your an epoxy undercoat followed by a polyurethane topcoat from heavy industrial warehouse floors to garage floor coating. It is the best option for longevity, scratch and chemical spill resistance.

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