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What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Painting?

What is the difference between commercial painting and industrial painting?

As you spend some time searching for a painter for your business you may stumble across the suggested search recommendation of a commercial painter or even an industrial painter. At first thought, these two seem like they would be awfully similar. Wouldn’t they even be the same thing?

As it turns out, commercial painting is actually quite different than industrial painting so you will want to find the correct painting company for your job based on your specific needs. But how do you know which type of painter you are looking for? What are the major differences between commercial and industrial painters?

If you find yourself asking this question then luckily for you, Omega Industries is here to help you break down the questions so that you know exactly what the differences are and which painter you’re looking for to paint your business. (If you’re hoping to paint your home you’ll want to find a residential painter.)

Commercial vs. Industrial Painting

When you’re looking to paint a building, especially one used for business, it can be a serious undertaking. Not only do you want the job done correctly but you need it painted in a timely manner. Finding a painter and getting estimates can be time-consuming. While any paint job is one of the easier cosmetic fixes for a building, you still want to get it right the first time.

Commercial and industrial painting is similar in that the end result: your building will be painted. But the overall goal of commercial and industrial painters is different and the method in which a painting job is approached will vary as well.

Commercial painting is not dissimilar from residential painting, in that the end result should look nice. Commercial painting is used in retail spaces where customers will eventually be present, or in apartment complexes with many units to be painted for future tenants. In these commercial painting jobs, the paint should be durable for the high traffic expected in the space.

Commercial painting is larger-scale residential painting, time and care are spent to treat each surface independently, and areas are taped off or covered to be protected from spills or the brushes and rollers. Any resulting commercial painting will set the mood and tone of your business for years to come and Omega Industries can help you get that polished look you’re hoping for.

On the other hand, industrial painting is generally thought of as preventative protection and may not always be typically seen by the general public: it is painting for warehouses and back storage rooms or factories. Other industrial painting may include painting cement or ductwork.

Industrial painting is primarily all about function over form. The result of industrial painting is a protective layer of paint that will withstand the hard-working conditions it will be exposed to. After an industrial painter has done their job well, your surfaces will be less prone to corrosion.

Remember that any industrial or commercial painter you hire should be fully licensed and insured and able to work with you to gather all necessary permits are secured before starting any painting project. If your painter isn’t transparent about their paperwork, you should consider finding a more reputable company to work with, like Omega Industries.

Industrial Painting Projects

The most important aspect of industrial painting is durability. Clients and industrial painting teams are focused primarily on what type of paint they use to protect the surfaces and keep the paint looking decent as long as possible. Industrial painters don’t take aesthetics into account as much as a commercial painter would.

That is not to say that an industrial painter will do a sloppy job. Professional industrial painters come prepared to leave an area looking pristine and refreshed after their job is done. Omega’s industrial painters are held to the same exacting standards as our commercial painting teams.

Very often the type of paint chosen is oil-based. While oil-based paints can take longer to dry over latex They also tend to be more durable. Since some locations that need to be painted by an industrial painter are exposed to the harsh elements of Mother Nature, working with your industrial painter for the highest quality paint option can be vital.

Oil paint is also typically easy to clean which can be very helpful in industrial settings. Often in addition to the oil-based paint chosen, a protective varnish is also applied by an industrial painter. Choosing the correct paint is important to avoid problems like corrosion of metal over time. An industrial painter will give you the best recommendations for paint available.

Under the umbrella of industrial painting, is also the painting of machinery or structures. Obviously, if an industrial painter is hired to paint something that will be exposed to the public or a general audience they will take great care to make sure that the final product looks as though it has been professionally painted.

Simply because an industrial painter is updating areas that aren’t often seen by the public, doesn’t mean that they will do a sloppy job or create a mess while they work. Industrial painters focus on durability over everything else and are well equipped to help you choose a paint finish well suited to your working environment.

Industrial painters are also skilled at repairing rust on areas that are due to be painted. Don’t work with a company that is willing to paint over the rust before cleaning it and repairing the damage. Without proper preparation, your project could start to look aged quickly, it is always helpful to work with professionals and ensure your project is successful.

Omega Industries industrial painting teams are trained, licensed, and skilled at sandblasting to help ward off any rust and to prepare the surface to receive its new high-quality protective paint. If you’re looking to paint metal, you’re looking for an industrial painter.

Commercial Painting Projects

Commercial painting is more similar to residential painting; it is painting spaces on a large scale or in commercial spaces. It may seem more straight-forward but it is important that your project is completed by an experienced commercial painter for the best possible results.

Commercial painters first and foremost are there to help your business. They know what paint colors to suggest and how to help you get that perfect accent wall for your boutique. But they are also skilled at working around your business schedule so that your business is as minimally interrupted as possible and giving you an accurate and complete timeline prior to starting.

Simply because the same equipment is required of a commercial painter over other painting specialists doesn’t mean their tasks are the same. Commercial painters know how to quickly tape out a room and cover up areas that will not be painted. Efficiency and quality are the trademarks of the commercial painting industry.

A vibrant and professional level paint job will make any business stand out, would you want to shop somewhere with peeling old paint? You likely would not, and so commercial painters are here to help you get the look you want with the best paint possible for your space. Whether your walls are drywall or brick, commercial painters know how to make them look their best.

Commercial painters know how to choose a paint that can withstand the needs of your company but still dry quickly to help you get back to business as soon as possible. Commercial painting is a bigger undertaking than painting a living room and is best done by experienced commercial painting teams, like Omega Industries.

If you live in a high humidity area like Dallas, you will want to be sure that your project will live up to those conditions. Professional commercial painters understand the ins and outs of all their materials and which will be the best for your business.

Commercial painters are also able to help you with your drywall needs. Whether a simple patch will get your wall looking great or an entire sheet needs to be replaced, a great team will be able to assist you with getting your shop looking it’s best. When you hire a commercial painting team, your drywall and painting can occur quickly with no lag time between projects.

But Which Do I Need?

Quite simply, commercial painters will paint your spaces where customers will spend their time. Industrial painters will paint everything else. So ask yourself what you need to be painted. Are you looking for your manufacturing space to look refreshed and be protected or is your retail space lacking that wow factor?

No matter what your answer, the good news is that Omega Industries is prepared with both industrial and commercial teams and we can help you narrow down your specific wants and needs for your project. We can handle the job for you.

Omega Industries is well equipped for any commercial or industrial project that you can dream up. We can work with you to get the professional-looking results we are known for and we strive to be the best the Dallas area has to offer. Whether you need sandblasting, drywall repair, or just a fresh coat of paint, Omega Industries is up to the task.

As you look to hire either a commercial or industrial painter, (or even both) it can be tempting to choose the cheapest option. It is important to consider all the factors as you choose your painting team, including their willingness to work with your schedule and timeline and whether they have the expertise needed for your project.

A lower estimate with poorer results doesn’t help anyone, you don’t want to need to start your project over from the beginning. Choosing the right company from the start is essential, and Omega Industries is that company. Whether you have an industrial or commercial painting job to be completed, you’re in the best hands possible with Omega Industries.

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