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Our Process of Painting A Factory in Dallas

Repainting the factory space as a work of our industrial painting contractors

Here at Omega Industries, there are a number of different tasks that we complete. We have floor coating services, property maintenance services, a few industrial services, and commercial painting. We are a very large commercial painting contractor that services the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as other parts of Texas. Our entire company is family owned and operated, plus we have a global team of 200+employees.

Your Dallas commercial painting job

Commercial painting isn’t a simple process or decision to make. Sometimes this process is extremely complex, and you do not want to know every aspect of what is going into the job. Commercial painting is also full of options. A lot of the time you do not want to go over the thousands of options and you just want the job completed. At Omega Industries we are here to help you by giving you a hand choosing the products that are right for your business.

The products and techniques that we use at Omega

The products that we use are very durable and are meant to protect your assets from the external environment. We also use materials that keep up with new trends and market demands. All the products that we use are meant to increase performance and maximize efficacy. We effectively use simple techniques to maintain a freshly painted property and we are aware of the types of coating failures, root causes, and problems that may need to be solved in commercial painting jobs.

How does this process work?

There is a process to getting a company to come out and paint your commercial property. You do not just call up the company and say that you need someone to paint your business for you. There is extensive planning that goes into a project like painting a business.


The first thing that you should always do is research. Once you have determined that your business needs some sprucing up you need to decide on what company you’re going to go with. There are a lot of things that you need to think about when picking out your company, but whichever company you choose, you need to do your research. A company should be everything that you are looking for and they should be willing to do what you need them to do.

You should also check reviews for a company. When checking the reviews read them very carefully. If you are looking at a four-star company, make sure you check out good and bad reviews. Some of the bad reviews might be ridiculous, some of the good reviews might be biased. No matter what you should always see what other people might have to say.

Call the company

Pick a few companies through your research. Write down your companies and what you liked about them in addition to their phone numbers. Write down all the questions that you have and call each one of the companies and get the answers to your questions.

Set up estimates

Set up estimates from each of the companies that you have decided to go with. Have them come out, look everything over and give you their bid. Take note of the different bids that you get. Ask all the questions you hope to ask and write down the answers. Get any kind of information that you think you will need during the estimation. You also need to find out what part you are going to have to take in the process. You may have to prep your place before painters come in there. You might have to shut down for a few days even. There are so many different scenarios, you need to get the heads up for what may occur.

Pick your Dallas commercial company

Get together with everyone who has a part in the decision-making process. Let them know all of the information that you have found out, try and keep it limited to two to four companies. Let them help you decide which company they think is worth paying for. Remember you are not in this alone.

Have the company come do the work

Call the company that you have chosen and set up a time for and date for them to start doing the work.

What will happen when we start the work?

In addition to having a process of choosing a painter, your painter should also have a process. Their process looks a little different than yours would. Here at Omega we have a three-stage process that is guaranteed and works to produce the perfect paint job every single time.

Stage one of the factory painting process

During stage one Omega will provide you with a comprehensive site review. We will then present you with a quote. During this stage we will discuss the methodology and product recommendations so that you are well aware of what you are getting before you get it. This stage is all about what is going to happen once the job has been started.

Stage two of the factory painting process

Stage two is all about the safety site audit and documentation. This is where the staff “Code of Conduct” induction is completed, and the project timeline along with the specifics are communicated to the client. During this stage site mobilization and set up are completed, plus it will be assessed how much daily clean up the job is going to require. Once all of this the job is actually started.

Stage three of the factory painting process

After the job is complete, during the final stage a site review and punch list will be completed. The bosses go over the job and present it to the client with a walkthrough. Client walkthrough and future maintenance advice is completed and given. The client then gives their feedback and completion review is done.


Client satisfaction

Once the job is completed and the client is satisfied Omega is paid for the job. Omega is very dedicated to making your painting job as simple for you as it can possibly be. They are also very dedicated to keeping their clients happy as they know return clients are a huge part of the good business. Word of mouth is also a very important concept and Omega likes to get good reviews, so get your commercial painting done with Omega Commercial Painting Services in Dallas, today!

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