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10 Awesome Ideas You Haven’t Considered For Painting The Exterior Of Your Business

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Painting the exterior of your business can be a big decision. There are a lot of choices to make and if you haven’t thought much beyond the colors you want to use you can still be left with a lot on your plate. There are a lot of paint options out there to consider but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. How you paint your business can be a fun decision if you think outside the box.

The types of paints available have advanced a lot and that means you can choose more than just a one or two color scheme for your business. You can think about all kinds of options from finishes to textures to really make sure your business looks amazing and is as eye-catching as you’re hoping it will be.

If you’re already going to be putting in the effort on a rebrand then maybe now is the time to consider what else is out there. You could be choosing something new and exciting that lasts for years when you really dig into the options that are out there. Here are 10 awesome ideas you haven’t considered yet for painting the exterior of your business.

1. Try Some All Natural (Linseed Oil) Exterior Paint

Does your business focus on eco-friendly products and options? You can include that in the paint you choose to use when you paint the exterior of your business. Linseed paint has been used for a very long time but it doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves when people are considering what type of paint to use.

Linseed paint is completely solvent-free and made from all-natural ingredients. That means no petroleum, VOCs or toxic ingredients are being used on your business’ exterior. And this stuff is made to last even without the harsher ingredients. You can expect 3 coats to last about 50 years according to experts, and that’s a pretty great deal even if the initial cost is a little higher.

Linseed paint works especially well on wood surfaces. Because of the materials used to make the paint the wood is allowed to breathe which means it won’t start to rot or mold even in extreme temperatures. If you love showing off your all-natural brand to your customers this could be a great option to help further your cause and make people really take notice.

2. Don’t Forget About No-Fade Exterior Paint

Any time you’re painting something that’s going to be exposed to the weather you’re running the risk of your paint fading over time. There are a lot of great options that will last for quite a while but there are also some newer “No Fade” paints on the market. If you work with an experienced contractor you can expect these types of paints to last a guaranteed 15 years without fading.

15 years is a long time to be guaranteed you won’t have to do any extra touch-ups. You can look at brands like NeverFade to learn more about how each brand handles their guarantees but you can expect them to all involve clauses that they must be applied by a certified professional.

If you want to make sure your No Fade paint is covered, choose who you work with carefully. Ask questions about what brands they’re certified to use, and make sure you’re familiar with all the points the warranty or guarantee covers. You want to make sure you’re thrilled with your paint job for as long as possible, especially when you’re buying something with a no-fade promise.

3. Test Some Gelled Oil Exterior Paint

So you won’t want to cover your whole building in this kind of paint but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider it. It’s a great option if you are using more than one color and you want to paint the trim of your building with a long-lasting smooth finish. Gelled oil is a mousse-like texture paint that applies smoothly and leaves an amazing finish behind.

It won’t drip because of the texture and the shine it leaves behind is going to be pretty unique. So while it’s not an entire building coat solution it is something you should consider if you want to have some trim that really pops and holds attention. Because it’s self-leveling you could give it a go on your own for this one but to get the best results it’s always best to go with a pro.

4. Think About Waterborne Exterior Oil Paint

Sometimes the drawbacks of oil-based paints are things like how hard they can be to clean up. Oil has a lot of benefits but they aren’t known for being easy to clean and that’s a drawback when you have a business to run and other things to handle. You could use regular oil-based paints but if you want your business to stay looking great with minimal effort, check out this option instead.

Waterborne oil paint cleans up with soap and water which is a huge benefit over regular oil-based exterior paints. It’s also more flexible and fade-resistant than other oil-based exterior paint which means you can expect it to last longer and look better, even with the easier cleanup options.

One thing to keep in mind with waterborne oil paint is that it doesn’t give the same type of smooth finish you may be used to with regular oil-based paints. You wouldn’t want to use this type of paint on a rougher exterior like a wooden deck or porch. It’s going to show imperfections easily and it won’t be forgiving about any flaws your building has.

5. Consider Solid Color Stain Paint

Brick exterior painting for businesses

This isn’t an option you’ll want to choose if your building needs to be covered and has a lot to hide away under a few coats of paint. However, if you have a building that has natural beauty with a lot of wood features this could be something to try out. A solid color stain gives you a chance to put a nice color on your building but it allows the natural beauty to shine through.

It’s not going to be as durable as real paint but it is an unexpected and show-stopping option that many businesses don’t consider. While it will be highly dependent on your building, as you’re aware by now, if you have the chance to do something unexpected and make your building really pop, you should take that chance every time.

Solid color stain can still be applied by pros so it’s done well, and sometimes the cost is a little lower than a traditional paint depending on brand or application type. You’ll want to talk with your contractor to learn more. Omega is always happy to talk with you about your ideas for your business and you can always contact Omega to get a quote or ask questions about these types of options!

6. Try Liquid Vinyl Siding Paint

This type of paint is one you’ll want to think about as an investment. It’s going to take a pro like Omega contractors to apply and it is much thicker (and more costly upfront) than normal paint is. However, because it’s thick and will be expertly applied there are also a lot of benefits to using liquid vinyl siding on your business’ exterior.

This is one of the most durable options you can choose to coat your building and it looks pretty fabulous when it’s all said and done. It can last several decades without needing to be retouched so it’s going to offer similar benefits to a No Fade paint. Remember that both options do need to be applied by a pro but that’s not a bad thing.

When you call in professional paint contractors you’re getting the best possible job done every time. We handle painting a building’s exterior all the time and we know what’s going to work and what’s going to last. You may be tempted to look at options you can apply yourself but that doesn’t give you any promise that you’ll love the paint job when it’s done.

Consider liquid vinyl siding for your building if you have a lot of flaws to hide, you need a nice even coat, or you just want something that’s going to last a very long time. You can also consider this type of paint if your building is in a historic district, as it comes in a large variety of shades and is often easily approved by any board or code enforcement agency out there.

7. Think About Color-Blocking Your Business’ Exterior

Exterior painting for multiple businesses

Color blocking is a popular method for painting a building’s interior. You section off areas of a wall and use different colors of paint to create an illusion of depth and movement where there’s really just one flat wall. It works well and it’s popular for a reason- because it looks amazing. It looks so great that some businesses in Dallas, TX are starting to use this idea on their exterior.

You can use this method to block off sections of your building created by natural divisions like tall windows. Think of accenting the windows with their own color for each trim. You can also use this idea to paint the top and bottom part of your building two different colors instead of one solid color and then accenting with trim if possible.

Color blocking gives you a chance to build a color scheme and those are known to help a business with sales when you choose them well. You can check out our blog on choosing the best colors for your business to figure out more about what might work well for you. And remember, we’re always here to help if you have questions.

8. Consider Breaking An Exterior Painting Color “Rule”

There are some rules about colors and what they compel people to do or feel. There are always going to be safer color options when you’re choosing the right colors for painting your business. Color rules may tell you to stay away from red, for example, and while that can be great advice most of the time, you can also consider breaking that rule too.

Is your business more about getting in and out quickly? Do you want your customers to make quick decisions that are motivated by excitement? Maybe breaking the “no red” rule would be a good idea for you in this case. You can also compliment a broken rule color with a softer tone, like accenting red with something like black instead of another bright color.

9. Think About Using A Metallic Exterior Paint

Metallic paints give your building a shiny finish and they really draw some attention. You can really turn some heads using this finish. It’s unexpected and the more popular it becomes the more colors you’ll be able to find it in. There are some things to remember about this type of paint though.

Metallic paints can fade and scratch more easily than other paint types out there. They also draw a lot of attention so a little bit goes a long way with this idea. Before you commit to an entire scheme involving metallic paint test out patches on your building first. You can see how it’s going to look with the sun and lighting where your building is.

Let the test patch sit for a few weeks or even months to see how it wears with the weather too. If you notice a lot of scratching or dirt build-up right away, you can possibly cross this particular idea off of your list. Either way, using metallic paint is trendy and unique, and sure to draw attention. Just make sure you test it out before you get too far into this idea.

10. Think About What You’d Use At Home

Depending on the type of business you have you may not have to go with popular (and more corporate) business looks. You could score some points with your customers by going with a more welcoming and homey look instead. Think about what you’d paint your home’s exterior with and use that as inspiration.

If you have a business that allows for some creativity and freedom go ahead and use that to your full advantage when you’re having the exterior painted. You can forgo a more bland color concept and choose brighter colors, make your business look more like a cottage, or just make it feel more like home in general.

It’s not a plan that will work for every building out there but it will work for some commercial buildings and it’s an idea that some business owners never even consider. Before you get too stuck in an old color concept, give this idea some serious thought. People love being at their home because it feels comfortable. You can make your business feel similarly comfortable with the right paint choices.



Commercial painting exterior

Figuring out how to paint your business is a big decision but using guides like this one can help you figure out what to choose. You have a lot of great options available to you that weren’t around just a few years ago. Talk with experts like the contractors at Omega Industries and use their expertise to help you make your final decision.

It’s a little extra work to do this kind of research upfront but it’s worth it. Your building will look better and you’ll be happier with the final product for a much longer time if you know more about the paint choices before you put them on your business. Good luck and happy painting!
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