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Apco Coatings

Apco Coatings is a leading paint company manufacting architectural, industrial and the largest Australian road marking paint manufacturer.

Apco Coatings, the fast growing paint company in the South Pacific belongs to a large world wide group of the best paint companies. The figures are hard to beat; operations in 20 countries, a turnover of over US$ 1 billion and a ranking in the worlds top ten decorative paint brands.

Apco as a company operates in 20 countries across the world. It has manufacturing facilities in each of these countries and is the largest paint company in nine overseas markets. Asian Paints operates in five regions across the world via South Asia, South East Asia, South Pacific, Middle East and Caribbean region through the four corporate brands.

International expansion to the South Pacific began in 1977. This has now resulted in operations though subsidiaries in Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu and a technological tie-up with Apco Coatings, Australia.

Global alliances gives Apco Coatings a head start with technical collaboration, The research and development department is one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region leading to the most advanced, innovative product portfolio and exciting, contemporary painting options offering.

Visit www.apcocoatings.com.au

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