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Dallas/Fort Worth Striping Services & Signage Installation

Line marking, like the name suggests, involves marking out lines to highlight certain spots and signs. Omega Industries readily provide high quality line marking services for both the private and public sector, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Whether it’s for road construction, onsite maintenance, car parking, pedestrian safety, school zones, factory or warehouse floors, our dedicated team of professionals have got you covered.

What do our striping services involve?

Whether you need lines re-marked according to an existing plan, or a new line marking design and painting package, we can help.Line markings compliant with TXDOT Safety Standards.Long-lasting accredited products approved by the RMS.The latest striping equipment proven for accuracy and efficiency.Expertise with all kinds of jobs – from small businesses to large shopping centers and schools, we can help.A professional striping service carried out after business hours. We want to minimize disruption to your daily operations as much as possible.A thorough, yet quick, service enabling you to to return to normal business promptly.

Why Omega Industries?

Omega Industries is the largest Australian road marking paint manufacturer, holding multiple public sector supply arrangements. Therefore, our resources from both manufacturing and application divisions’ are at disposal for unmatched technical and practical knowledge.

High quality traffic markinsg for road construction, maintenance and pedestrian safety for both the private and public sector is a specialty of ours.

Striping Services – Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if your parking lot is in need of maintenance, sealing or paving?

When we stripe these questions usually come up. Trying to seal a parking lot that has deteriorated heavily will be a lost cause. If your parking lot is crumbling and cracking heavily you need to re-pave it. This is the most cost-effective thing to do. You can’t save the pavement by painting or sealing over it. If your parking lot has deformed from water below the surface, is crumbling in many spots or has been patched to the point of being very patchy, you should consider re-paving. It will save you time and money.

When should I check my parking lot?

It is advisable to check your parking lot or pavement area every year. There are many things that happen during the year that may have deteriorated your lot such as plowing, weather damage, After winter is the best time to check your parking lot.

Should I shop around to see what the best prices are?

We think you should! Just remember that the best price may end up not being the best quality and can come back to haunt you in a few years. The most expensive job might not be worth as much as they are charging. Our advice is that you do some research and ask questions of all companies you are soliciting.

Should I wait to get my pavement fixed if it has issues?

If your parking lot has issues that you know of you shouldn’t wait! pavement problems can get worse over time. If you catch it early, often times you will only need to get minor maintenance but if you wait too long it might be better to re-pave your lot.

What pricing factors do we consider?

When quoting prices to you, there are many things that are taken into consideration but the two main ones are the size of the pavement area and the condition the lot is in. If you have a budget let us know!

How long does it take to do the striping?

Once we get the pavement area painted, the paint takes 30 minutes to dry. We are trained in traffic flow management and we are also OSHA certified.

How quick can we get to your job?

From the moment you place the order, we can get out to do the job within 3 days. Sometimes we can get there immediately depending on how many jobs we currently are doing at the moment.

What kind of paint do we use?

We use the Department of Transportation (DOT) approved paint that is bright and is very durable.

Will we disrupt traffic to your Dallas business?

Not if we can help it! We work with you to make sure that we section off each part of your pavement to keep your customer traffic in tact.

How does my parking lot get cracks

Every time the temperature goes up and down, the pavement expands and contracts. Asphalt will crack over time and it is natural that this happens. Concrete cracks if there aren’t enough control joints in the concrete.

How do I protect my pavement?

Seal coating protects pavement from much natural occurring deterioration. This will fill cracks and waterproof the pavement.