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Coating Inspection Services

We provide clients access to a team qualified by the National Associated of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) to investigate and find and complete a comprehensive audit on any coating or substrate. Certain projects in the commercial and industrial sector require inspection pre- and post-completion followed by certification for final approval in some cases, such as for tanks, bridges, new constructions, HOA repaints, public buildings and civil works.

The team at Omega Industries includes industry experts qualified to provide independent inspections and to certify work to complete your job’s compliance.

Our services include…

  • Site inspection and report of coating/substrate
  • Certification and quality workmanship endorsement
  • Specification writing and review
  • Tender specification and methodology development
  • Diagnostics of defective paint and finding root causes
  • Color matching and testing reports
  • Expert reports for legal disputes and representation
  • Detailed remediation and cost estimate reports
  • Comprehensive paint analysis and testing reports
  • Technical support and contract advisory

Our experts and facilities carry the following…

  • Over 40+ years of experience in the paint industry
  • NACE Coatings Inspector Level 3 certified
  • In-house NATA Accredited laboratory
  • PhD research facilities
  • Chemical engineers and product specialists with industry experience
  • Spectrophotometers linked with color matching software
  • Lead paint and asbestos management certified
  • Experienced in legal report generation and expert representation