Commercial Painting Services In Richardson, TX

When the time comes for you to freshen up your commercial building’s feel or look, Omega Industries will be there to provide fully integrated services. We’ll be there from the beginning to the very end with fast quotes and a completely spot-free clean up. It doesn’t matter if you need a large scale paint job or minor touch-ups, our large workforce will be able to handle everything in a quick and speedy manner.

Omega’s commercial painting services offer the Richardson area high-quality results and communication that’s clear and concise at every step of the process. There’s never any doubt about where your project is at, and what you can expect from us. If you ever have questions about what’s happening next we want you to ask us so we can make sure you’re happy. 

We offer a variety of professional commercial painting services that focus on high-quality results you’ll love. We can provide:

  • Interior And Exterior Painting Services
  • Services That Will Paint Your Entire Facility
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Multi-Site Services
  • Industrial Painting Services

In our industry, we often hear stories from customers about past “commercial painters” who have shown up with a crew of just one or two underqualified workers. That will never be the case with Omega. We only bring the best when we show up to your worksite. 

Do You Need Commercial Painting Services In Richardson, Texas?

There are really only two reasons you’ll need commercial painting services. Either you need a new, fresh look for your building, or you want to protect what you already have and make sure it lasts for years. Your brand and how your buildings look is just as important to us as it is to you, and we can make sure to cover whatever need you are filling when you hire us. 

If the time has come for a total re-brand and you need a new color and look for your building, we’re ready to handle that. We can help you through the whole process and make sure you’ll love your end results. You can rest assured that your new look will be everything you’re hoping for and more. 

If you’re renovating and updating we can handle that too. It doesn’t have to be an entire rebrand just to call us in. We can help you keep your original look as fresh and sharp as possible. Whether you need to coat your floors with epoxy or just touch up an existing paint job, we have the crew to help you accomplish your goals. 

If you’re in the Richardson, TX area and need a high quality professionally finished:

  • Entire Facility Commercial Painting Services
  • Mult-Site Commercial Painting Services
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Interior And Exterior Commercial Paint Services
  • Industrial Painting Services

We are the commercial painting service team you need. We’ll make sure you’re thrilled with the results and love the entire process from start to finish. How your business looks to your customers really does matter and we understand that. For all of your commercial painting service needs in the Richardson area, give Omega Industries a call.  

Why Omega ?

Many commercial paint contractors create an illusion of technical knowledge and reliability, but we’re here to create long-term relationships by delivering projects as per scope without shortcuts. Our focus is on rebranding a mature industry with a new concept of completing projects on time, within budget with the focus of repeat business.

Get that Texan treatment

If you’re trusting us with your project, we ensure a service second to none, like we would if you were family. We provide a transparent process, with the right amount of progress communication without being annoying! You will know exactly who is on your property, what we are doing and how it’s being done.

Choosing a paint contractor shouldn’t be a gamble

Painting commercial assets is a big deal! Many businesses see it as a priority, portraying their image of how they want customers, employees and suppliers to view their firm. Our aim is to revitalize or change your infrastructure to meet goals for branding, budget, timeframe without causing disruption to daily operations of your business.

We chase repeat business not change orders

We are upfront on everything. The benefit of having an established 5/5 reviewed business, is that we are not desperate for work or burn and churn clients. So, we aren’t the type to draw you in with a low-ball quote and then set up traps for change orders, this is a common industry practice that we do not agree with and will not participate in. We will tell you exactly what you need and even don’t need, so you know you won’t get hidden extras.

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